Monday, June 05, 2006

Addiction's ugly face shows up again!

I haven't talked about my friend for awhile because he has been in an inpatient facility for the past month. I was at home today enjoying a day off when my phone rang. It was a gentleman who was at the house of my friend's girlfriend. He told me that the neighbor had called him saying that there was a noose hanging from the balcony and that my friend was very despondent and had written a suicide note.

I rushed over there wondering why he was at the house in the first place. His girlfriend is in Wisconsin for the summer and her neighbor was watching the house. My friend is not allowed to be at the house because of an order of protection.

After I arrived and saw the noose and the suicide note I tried to speak with my friend. He was very intoxicated, had taken a bunch of pills and became combative. I then told the neighbor to call 911 and the cops took it from there. He apparently had a key to the house but the locks are going to be changed tonight.

He had been sober for over a month and my guess is that he started using again right after he left the facility. I pray for him, it's all I can do at this point. His name is Charles. Please pray for him.


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