Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Concerned Christians Group

This past weekend I was pulling into my driveway and noticed a bunch of folks hanging things on peoples front doors. I only wish I would have known what it was they were delivering before they left because I would have liked to have talked with them. Nicely of course.

The group was called Concerned Christians. They may be christians, but I do not care for the material they were putting on my doorstep and as a fellow christian I would have offered them some advice. What they really are is an anti-mormon group who say they are christians. Like I said, they may be christians, that is not for me to decide. But their approach and delivery is certainly not what I think God would want us to do.

The material included a DVD, a pamphlet, and a website. I checked out the pamphlet and the website to see what they were all about. Then I threw the entire thing in the garbage. Although I do not believe in Mormon doctrine, I have some good friends that are Mormon. Do you think that they appreciate receiving this stuff on their doorsteps from people that call themselves Christians? I would think not.

Then on my way to work this morning I had my radio tuned to my favorite radio station 98KUPD. They were all over this group and their so called Christian message. It is groups like this that in my opinion give Christians a bad rap. Where's the love and the grace in this? That is what I would want an answer to.


Blogger Hannah said...

I have known about them for years. I actually learned about them from a Catholic that I used to work with. I've never had a problem with them, but I thought it stopped at their website. I would have never thought that they went door to door. From time to time, I have gone to their website (it's been years since I've been there), and I liked learning new information on Mormonism.

I do know this. The mormon church is very hard to get out of, and it requires very specific steps. I like their website b/c it helps people that want to get out, get out. It also gives steps on god ways to witness to them and get good conversation going...

It's interesting seeing your perspective though.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

Hannah, I also appreciate your perspective and comments. I agree with everything you said. There is a lot of info on the Mormon church on the site.

The problem I have is with them going door to door with this stuff. There are many Mormons that live in this area and I would wonder how they would react to it. I would just take an entirely different approach. Get to know them and be their friend and let them see Christ in us.

I guess it stems from the hardcore Bible Thumping Evangelism stuff I went through in my old church. They were always "right" and everyone else was "wrong".

8:07 AM  

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