Tuesday, May 20, 2008

QUOTE: “Ten years ago, the question was, why are Gen-Xers dropping out of church? [So we] created this kind of safe space for people to talk. Now what’s happened is all of these affiliated groups are forming—Presby-mergent, Anglo-mergent. ... A Catholic network is forming. ... Nobody had a master strategy for this. That creates weaknesses as well as strengths. It means you don’t have anybody calling the shots and it means that things happen in a somewhat haphazard way. And I think there’s a huge range of responses. ... Among evangelicals you have people who are not doing any theological rethinking at all. The theology that they inherited, they’re staying with 100%. They’re trying to do sort of methodological innovation (in styles of worship). And my personal feeling is that’s great. Those’ll be steps in a good direction. ... I’m not a purist about anything. I think it’s all good. We’re all trying to stumble along and take some steps in the right direction. Others of us are asking theological questions and that’s always messy.” —emerging church leader Brian McLaren, on the changes within the movement in the last decade [usatoday.com, 5/13/08]


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