Thursday, September 04, 2008

When Evangelicals Attack

Jenny Lowe wrote a very good article over on the BWC site which you can read in its entirety here.

The way that James Dobson attacked Obama about his interpretation of scripture was just wrong on so many levels. I guess that Dobson is the "only guy that has the correct interpretation." This is not only common to Dobson, it is common among a lot of Evangelical Christians who try to use their interpretations as the "correct" interpretations.

Yes I have to admit that I was raised in an Evangelical Christian Right Wing Republican household. I was told that this was the "correct" way to be. Frankly, I see more hatred from Christian Republicans than the Democrats.

There are certainly problems with both parties. I just do not like the fact that because I am a Christ Follower, some folks automatically think I am all in favor of the Republicans.

When you vote in November, vote from your heart. Not from what CNN, Fox News, James Dobson, or Jesse Jackson tell you.



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