Monday, August 08, 2005

Not so good news from the vet

Well I just got back from Open House at Mesquite High and walked through Shannon's schedule with her. At least she does not have a class in any of the portables this year. She has a pretty good schedule and I hope she does well this year. She will be a Junior.

Earlier this afternoon we took our dog back to the vet for a follow up appointment. They did another chest x-ray and the vet did not like what he saw. The lymph nodes around the bronchial tubes were swollen and squeezing the airway shut. He told us that if the Valley Fever treatment does not work then it may be a cancer. Something like lymphoma in humans. It was pretty evident to Patty and I on the x-ray that it had enlarged quite a bit since the last time. We will just continue to pray for her and keep giving her the medicine and hope for the best.

Well it's back to work for me tomorrow. I get to work some evening and radar shifts. I like these shifts when there is weather going on and that seems to be the case this past week. But I hate the hours. Oh well, it pays the bills and I am blessed to be in a job that I am really interested in. Til next time, Ciao!


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