Sunday, June 25, 2006

My attempt at quitting Tobacco

A lot of people are probably wondering how my attempt at quitting tobacco went. Well, not so well. I was pretty much having nicotine fits by Monday or Tuesday and had the added bonus of being really stressed out with working with these mentally disabled boys. I saw a convenience store about 5 miles from the camp on the way in. Each day we had an hour of free time so I hopped into the van and off I went. I have cut down a lot on my usage, but I still need to quit entirely. I think I'm going to try the nicotine gum again. That was the way I had quit for a period of time the last time. Keep praying for me. It is tough man! But I do know that it isn't too tough for God.

I remember talking to someone who mentioned the fact that it may be kind of tough to quit while going to a camp and working with disabled kids. Had I not had access to the van I probably would have made it. But I'm not going to try and make excuses. It was my choice to get in the van and drive to that store. My bad!


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