Friday, October 13, 2006

Patty arrived safely

Patty and her sister arrived safely to Philadelphia last night and their dad picked them up. She called me on my cell phone at work. She also called me this morning after they went to see their mom. She said she weighs about 90 pounds. They had a good visit with her and the hospice nurse came in to give their mom some more morphine because the pain was getting bad. Then she fell asleep so Patty and her sister went to the funeral home to make arrangements. Patty was doing okay but her sister Maureen was having a tough time. Please continue to pray for them and their mother.

My buddy that I have been counseling is doing great. I am very proud of him and he should be proud of himself.

I received a call yesterday from Donna. She is back in town now. Some of you may remember me talking about Charles awhile back. He is in a VA facility in Glendale for 90 days and they are tring to get him approved for 60 more days. He is the one that I had to sort of let go of because he just continued to drink himself into oblivion. I will plan a trip out to Glendale to see him next week sometime.

Be moved!


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