Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Politics

I did this test that I saw on my brother's blog. He came out a neo-conservative and I came out a neo-liberal. What are you? You can take the test too here....... take the test

You scored 40% Personal Liberty and 39% Economic Liberty!

A neo-liberal believes in moderate government intervention on personal matters and moderate to high government intervention on economic matters. They believe in a social safety net or welfare state and try to balance personal liberty with safety or security. Some neo-liberals believe in more foreign intervention or war then most other leftists. Others are more like Centrist Democrats. More authoritarian-leaning Neo-liberals (such as personal 40/economic 30) are the result of a "fusion" between "old left" and "new right" tendencies.


Blogger Carl Kincaid said...

Yep, we're pretty similar, both close to the middle. That was a fun little test, but it was dang long. . .

6:47 AM  

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