Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some bragging on God

Well God has done some amazing things the past few days so I've got to tell the world about it.

Yesterday was my birthday and my mom called me. She had surgery on her knee and thought she may be in some serious pain afterwards. She was amazed that there is very little pain in her knee now only a few days after the surgery. My dad told her that he prayed for her not to have any pain and God answered that prayer. She is doing really well with little pain at all. So Praise God for that!

Little Greyson Bono Cloud came into the world last night at 7:25 PM. Healthy as can be and Mandy is doing well too and is coming home tomorrow. I talked to Ben on the phone yesterday afternoon and told him to tell her to push him out before midnight so Greyson and I could share the same birthday. How cool is that? Congrats Ben and Mandy!

Today I came home from work and went to get the mail after I got home. There was a card from some friends we knew when Patty used to work at the eye doctor place. Her husband is active in AA and the card was for me congratulaing me on my 6 years of sobriety which is tomorrow. In it was a 6 year sobriety coin. That was so awesome to receive. I will carry it with pride. I owe it all to our Lord for saving me from the hell of addiction and thank all of those who prayed for me during those ugly years.

Speaking of the eye doctor...this really made our day. Those of you who read my blog know that Patty has been struggling lately at her job. The company is not being run very good right now and she was very depressed and really didn't want to be there anymore. Well these friends I wrote about in the above paragraph have moved back to Gilbert and she is back working at the Optometrist Office. She had told Patty recently about an opening as the office manager. So Patty sent them her resume and what she would like as a starting salary. She was positive that they would think it was too much. But she researched it and with the qualifications she has I agreed with her that it was not too much. She went for the interview today and before she left we prayed. I asked that the Lord open the door for her if this is the right job for her and to slam the door shut if it was not. Well they offered her the job on the spot...WITH the salary she asked for. Praise God for that! She is putting in her two weeks notice tomorrow.

I went to visit my friend last night. He is still clean and sober and we went through the second chapter of the Living Free book.

Be Moved by Love!


Blogger tony said...

hey keith,
that is some awesome bragging on God. congrats on a birthday, your six year mark and patty's new opportunity. great stuff!

7:23 PM  
Blogger friend said...

That is great about the job!!!

9:21 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Wow, praise God! I'm so happy that Patty will enjoy her job now. And 6 years! Wow, amazing. Congratulations to you as well.

6:58 AM  
Blogger On Wings Like Eagles said...

Praise to God! He is truely amazing! Sounds like things are all coming together for you. I'm so happy to hear about Patty's new job! I know that was a struggle for her. Yay for the new addition to the Cloud family! We all got a giggle last night out of the fact that he went through with naming him Bono (middle name, I know). That's awesome! I heart U2! I'm so happy to hear all the good news! God is good!!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Pinay said...

Happy Birthday Sir Keith! Sorry this is late. A lot of things happened and I missed even greeting you! Anyway, I pray all the best for you and your family especially your Christian life.


2:56 AM  

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