Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another night of prayer

We just got back from the Bogumills and what a wonderful time it was. Robert also met us over there. We just sat and prayed for the youth of Amadeo, for the kids in the community and for whatever the Holy Spirit had put on our hearts to pray for.

We also chatted a bit about plans for the Youth. Beginning Jan 8th we will meet every Monday night at the Power Ranch Clubhouse from 630-830 pm. We talked about some events an the ones that are planned so far are Rage Music Festival on January 13th, Youth Night with the Phoenix Roadrunners Hockey Team, and a servant evangelism trip to CDE with Hannah. I'll need to get with her because we would like to do this in March or April. We are also looking into a Summer Camp for the Amadeo Youth.

Thanks you Lord for what you have put on our hearts for the youth of Amadeo and the youth in the community. May we serve them gladly and bring Your Kingdom to them in a loving way. Help us to love them just like you do. Pour out your grace and mercy over them.

Be Moved!


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