Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow in the Valley?

I had a very interesting time at work last night. Busy too...with a deluge of phone calls from joe q. public and the media types. There were just two of us on duty and it was a zoo to say the least. The phones were ringing off the hook. What was really the most annoying though was when we were both on the phone and the other ones continued to ring in the background.

Anyhow, yes it does occasionally snow in the Valley of the Sun but it is a rarity. It sure made for an interesting night at work and I did lots of interviews.

Today I have the day off and finally the day has arrived for the appointment at Auto Body World to get Patty's Ford Escape fixed from the accident. It should be in there 5 to 7 days they said. In the meantime, we will be driving a 2007 Toyota Highlander with only 1000 miles on it from Enterprise. All of this. courtesy of State Farm Insurance who accepted liability due to their clients inability to see 3 vehicles in front of him stopped at a stoplight down on Mill Ave.

So it's all good! Patty's vehicle is getting fixed, and we get to drive a brand new vehicle for a week. Patty is still looking for a new car. I LOVE this Highlander, but I think it's a bit out of the price range we are looking at.

be Moved!


Blogger The Commander said...

Snow in the valley... and they say we are fighting global warming....

The Commander

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