Monday, March 19, 2007

So Patty, Meredith B and myself just got back from the Chevelle show. Finger Eleven opened up and they were okay. I just didn't like they're type of music. I was a little pissed off at the drunks in the crowd screaming out in between songs, "YOU SUCK! GET THE (Insert expletive here) OFF THE STAGE!" Tough crowd man. But the band handled it well and did their set. There's an asshole in every crowd at a rock show it seems.

Promptly at 9:30 PM the house lights went down and Chevelle hit the stage. They opened with Family System and when they came on stage they had a different image going on. Their hairstyles basically, and it kind of freaked me out because I've been a fan of them for awhile. I guess I was a little shocked by their "new" look, but what the hell, they're music didn't change. Some of the new stuff they did from their upcoming CD which will be released April 3rd was heavy stuff man. Since they were the headliners they put in a full 90 minute set and then some. They played most of my faves.

Tonight I just wanted to stay in the back and watch them perform. Plus it sounds better back there anyhow. It was very very stuffy in the Marquee this evening and it was packed. Patty and Meredith went up closer for awhile. Meredith is fun to go to a concert with and her and Patty were moving around a lot. I was sweaty just jumping around from where I was at. Patty just went to bed. I can't go straight to bed after a heavy show like that. It takes me awhile to come down.

All in all I'll give the show an A+. You got a lot of the old stuff with their new stuff sprinkled here and there. Actually, I think they played 4 songs off the upcoming new CD, and I liked all of them.

Time to go hydrate and bring it down a notch so I can go to bed. Then off to Salt Lake City tomorrow for a week.

Be blessed and be Moved!


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