Monday, January 14, 2008

Christians, Politics and E-Mails…Oh My!

I keep getting these emails stating that Obama is a closet Muslim and that these can be verified at Funny...when I go to snopes to check them out, it states that these claims are false. Why would someone forward an email like that without checking out whether or not it is factual? Here is a great article written by Melisa May that I found on the BWC this morning. Check it out here.

She says...and I agree with her:

But here is what angers me the most about these emails. As believers in Christ we have been called to speak the truth, the whole truth. I daresay that includes emails. Even in emails we forward. To new believers we warn, “don’t take a verse out of context” lest you be led astray into falsehood. Why are we not quick to apply that same principle to other written words? Had any one person who forwarded the email done his or her job and verified the information before sending it out they would have concluded that at most, that there is no evidence that the claims are true or, at minimum, the claims are misrepresented and incomplete.


Blogger said...

I have gotten this one, too. And it was from a fellow deacon in my church. I tend to be a little too strong in my response to those kinds of things; this case was more of the same. I sent a note back to everyone it was sent to "reply all," and said it was a lie and that I responded to all because I didn't want to be associated with the kind of people that send and receive those types of e-mails. That it ultimately hurt our "witness."

The one I got was not only full of lies, but it was overtly racist.

It really ticked me off.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

I have received that same type of e-mail -several times now - and each time, I have simply deep-sixed it. I should have verified it via Snopes, but took the lazy way out and just pitched it, figuring at least from my computer, it won't go on to anyone else. I'm sure I'll get it again - people who are that bigoted don't stop that easily ya know. But next time, I will go to Snopes and verify it -THEN send it with a reply to all. There is no necessity in politics -or anything, for that matter -to write and spread lies about people. And, when it is done under the guise of Christianity, that's just pushing the envelope a bit too far.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Melisa said...

Glad you liked the article. It was kind of weird (but cool!) to come across your blog and see my article. I've appreciated your postings. Good stuff.

9:20 PM  

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