Monday, September 08, 2008

The Christian Bubble

I had a very nice relaxing weekend with my wife. We went to the gym together, went out to eat at a place that has all-you-can-eat sushi, and just hung out together all weekend. It was aweome. I even got to watch the much anticipated UFC fight between legend Chuck Lidell and undefeated up and comer Rashad Evans. Rashad fought an excellent fight and stood up to Chuck, which a lot of folks cannot do because of Chucks one punch knockout power. The fight never went to the ground at all as Rashad never attempted a takedown because he did not want to run into one of Chuck's counter punches. The fight ended in dramatic fashion about a minute and a half into the second round. One punch! Right on the button! Chuck was out before he even hit the floor and then stayed there for about 10 minutes after the fight.

Okay, sorry. I got off track a little bit. Obie is the Youth Pastor at my church. A great guy who does the stuff. He led the service Sunday morning and I was so sorry I missed it because it was on a subject near and close to my heart. A lot of "Christians" live inside this Christian Bubble. All of their friends are Christian. Obie's sermon was about stepping out of that bubble and loving your neighbors. He challenged us to all step out of that bubble.

I don't think I am stuck inside this bubble, but I could do much better.

I offer you a couple of scenarios and feel free to answer honestly.

If someone you knew, a female that was pregnant and wanted an abortion, asked you to go with them when they had that abortion, would you?

If you had a friend that you knew was gay and he or she invited you out to eat or to go out on a date with them and their partner, would you?

If you can, please explain why or why not.

Grace and Peace!


Blogger Jeni said...

For me, the answer to your questions is easy -yes and yes!
I have no problem whatsoever doing things from dinner to any type of activity with an individual who is gay. Homosexual people are just the same as heterosexual people in that they eat, breathe, sleep, work, play, etc., and they have feelings too just like everyone else. Plus, contrary to some people's beliefs, they are not contagious either.
As to the abortion issue, while for myself, I have always NOT believed in abortion but I also believe I don't have the right to call the shots for other people. I would talk to the person to make sure that she understands completely what other options may be available while still being supportive of her if she continues on in the direction getting an abortion. Who am I to try to pass judgment on what stress factors another person may have in her life that makes her believe this is the only choice she has? I have walked in those shoes myself at one time but opted not to have an abortion and it is no easy thing to decide regardless of what many may think.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

What Jeni said. The whys are pretty much the same.

The questions seem to be related to the bubble question. Since we start with the fact that they are your friends, the question first is are you willing to stay outside the bubble. Second, while outside the bubble, you probably need to stay true to the Christianity that centers your life. If that tells you that you can't "aid and abet" an abortion or enjoy a meal with a gay guy or girl, then you shouldn't do it.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Well I guess I should answer too.

I personally believe abortion is wrong. I would do something similar to what Jeni said. I would speak to the young lady and counsel her the best I know how. I would then accompany her to the clinic to comfort her and be with her if she still wanted to follow through. I believe it would be UNChristian to do otherwise.

I would also have no problem going out with a gay couple. While I disagree with the lifestyle, I still have friends that are gay.

I also believe that God loves ALL. Regardless of what they do or say.

4:35 PM  

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