Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Goes On

Lots of what I like to call "crap" going on. There is a family situation we are going through that I would not wish on anyone. For privacy purposes, I really cannot mention what it is. But for those that pray, please pray for our family. For those that don't pray, send us some good vibes or kind thoughts or whatever it is you do to lift someone up.

Other stuff is going well. These tend to counter the bad stuff. All I can say is that God will get everyone through it.

I've been meeting with a couple of guys on a regular basis and things are going good there. I'm trying to get together with a guy that I respect a lot to talk through some stuff that is getting at me. We are both pretty busy but we'll probably get together after I get back from my work road trip. Speaking of my road trip...I take off Monday morning the 20th and get back Friday evening the 24th.

I'm going to the Sprint Car Races with my boss Saturday night. Should be a good time and the weather is super nice now so it won't be so hot.

I work days tomorrow and Wednesday and evenings on Thursday. Plus...tomorrow night, one of the interns and I are giving a weather talk to the Emergency Managers in Scottsdale.

Those concerts are coming up in November that I am looking forward to.

I went to get my eye exam today and everything checked out okay. I am going to try contacts again since they are way different than a few years back when I tried them and they always irritated my eyes because of the dryness in Arizona. I hope it works out this time because glasses are a pain in the ass.

Peace! And play nice!


Blogger todd said...

grace to you buddy.....


6:31 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Not to worry, Keith - you (and your family as well) are frequently in my thoughts, so sending up a few prayers that might aid you a bit is no problem whatsoever. As you said in your post though, regardless of the outcome, God will see you through via your faith in Him. Peace.

8:17 AM  

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