Friday, November 21, 2008

control negative feedback of leaders
squelch legitimate criticism of leadership
teach people to obey even when they don't feel right about it (thus encouraging people to die to their sense of right and wrong)
teach that doubts and criticism of leadership equals sin
teach that all criticism of leadership is probably slanderous, divisive or factious
cause members to loose jobs, promotions or deter them from school or other goals or family activities
emphasize Biblical ideas like dying to self in a non-scriptural way
subtly redefine the meanings of words
hound on these certain Biblical words almost to the exclusion of other sound Biblical principles
induce guilt in members so they confess being sorry for not trusting their discipler more
not tell you that in the Bible trust or loyalty is never used in reference to church leaders
teach you that unity means that you need to change your opinions to match the groups' instead of constancy of purpose
teach you that you must only go to leaders in private when you are pointing out error
encourage the combination of trusting leaders and not criticizing


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