Friday, August 26, 2005

Good night at the Drop-In

Well I counted almost 40 kids last night. Awesome! There were a lot of BMXers there and the track is looking really good. Well we are taking a break for a month and coming back strong in October with lots of special events for these kids. Opening night will feature free pizza and root beer and then on Halloween we will have lots of special things going on. A velcro wall they can jump on and stick themselves to, sumo wrestling and other fun stuff set up in the parking lot. I believe this will all be going on while the smaller kids are enjoying the Harvest Festival.

Well, my lovely wife has the day off today as do I so we are going to spend a nice day together today. I'm gonna head out for a quick run right now, then we're going to go to The Good Egg for some breakfast (I love a big breakfast). After that we're going to head to The Humane Society to see if we can find a nice dog we can adopt. Good day to you all.


Blogger friend said...

Thanks for the update and filling me in. I appreciate you guys.

4:54 PM  

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