Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Tony challenged me so I'll take the challenge...

Four Jobs I've had
Paperboy when I was about 12 (yes, kids used to deliver newspapers to your doorstep when I was a kid)
Dishwasher at a Countryclub
Cook at Country Kitchen
United States Air Force 1980-1986
National Weather Service (and still pressing on with almost 25 years of government service)

Four Movies I can watch over and over
The Breakfast Club
Slap Shot
The Cross and the Switchblade

Four TV Shows I love to watch
One Tree Hill
Fear Factor
American Idol

Four Places I've been on vacation
Wildwood New Jersey (The Jersey Shore)
Padre Island Texas
San Diego California (The beach to get out of the desert heat)

Four Favorite Dishes
Pork Roast and Saurkraut
Chile Rellenos
Grandma's Enchiladas

Four Websites I visit Daily

Four Places I'd Rather Be
The Majestic Mountain Inn in Payson with my wife Patty (This is our romantic getaway spot where we go to get away from it all and know...get romantic)
The Jersey Shore in the summer with my family
On our honeymoon after Ben marries us at the church when we renew our vows (We were married at the courthouse 18 and a half years ago)
At a lakehouse somewhere on a lake, doesn't really matter where but Lake of the Ozarks comes to mind

Four Blogs I'd like to see do this quiz


Blogger Pinay said...

Hi Sir Keith!
Alright, i'll do this one for you! :)

2:56 AM  

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