Friday, February 24, 2006

Written by Jason Nate

I end with this short story. In Kenya this past summer, we had a roundtable discussion (it was outside in a circle on church pews) and some the questions the Kenyans asked us dealt with cultural issues. "How do we discipline our children who will not obey their parents?" "As a teacher, what can I do when a student refuses to work?" "What about these kids who walk around with their underwear hanging out and refuse to do their studies?" Those questions were the same that we deal with here in America, and the only answer I had for them was Jesus. In my mind, there is no human way to stop the trend we see in our culture. The religious right would like to think that we can legislate it, but that won't work. Others say live and let live, let them do as they choose, but that is not the answer either. We can choose to be optimistic in life and see the good in the world, but without Christ it is of no value. The answer lies in the message of Christ and the Kingdom of God. Preach the Kingdom, spread the grace of God, live as Jesus did, and one at a time God's people will turn to Him. Unfortunately from Scripture we know that things are going to continue to get worse, but we can be good stewards of what God has given us and through His power spread His light and turn as many as we can into followers of Him.


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