Monday, April 17, 2006

I just got back from seeing my friend. When I went over and rang the doorbell his girlfriend said he had left a bit earlier on his bike and guessed that it was to go out to get some more booze. She invited me in and I sat and waited for him to come back. I didn't have to wait too long, because about 5 minutes after I arrived he came back. His girlfriend guessed right. As a matter of fact it was kind of strange watching him become more and more intoxicated as I was talking to him. Apparently he goes out, gets it, and chugs it before he comes back to the house. He was talking okay at first when he came home, but as we sat out on the porch, the alcohol started taking effect on him and he started slurring his words. I talked to him for awhile and then his girlfriend came out and they started arguing with each other. She is another story in itself. she is a "classic" case of a codependent and enabler. He blames her for his drinking which is wrong. She tries to "take care of him" which is wrong.

I ended up kind of pissed off when I left and told him to call me when he sobered up. He started talking smack to me at one point and he was getting agitated, so the best thing for me to do at that point was to leave before it got physical. So here I am now. Back at home. He may not even remember I was there. Lord, i ask You right now, to heal my friend. take away this desire he has to slowly kill himself. I pray for his girlfriend too Lord. That you would comfort her and give her the wisdom in what she needs to do in this situation. Thank You for allowing me to be a friend to this guy. Give me peace and wisdom Lord.


Blogger Pinay said...

It was unfortunate that he had to slip back to his addiction. But thank God you patiently remain his friend.

Lord I pray that wisdom and compassion will continue to overflow through the life of Sir Keith. Bless his friend too that the addiction will leave him. I pray for her girlfriend to have wisdom in deciding their situation. Let Your mercy flow. In Jesus' name. Amen.

5:49 PM  
Blogger friend said...

Yes Lord our prayers are for his healing.

6:06 PM  

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