Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shannon has a dance recital this evening and I have to be at work. Bah humbug! Anyhow, my parents are driving up from Tucson and Patty and them are going out to eat, then going to the school for the dance routine. I think Patty's sister is going too so Shannon will be well represented.

My friend is still sober and has made work each time he was supposed to be there. I talk with him daily at different times. He seems to be doing well so far. Please keep praying for him though. He is off today and tomorrow and that is when I worry about him the most. It is not good to be idle when you're trying to stay sober. Pray that he finds something to keep busy so that his mind doesn't wander. Pray for the Lord's peace and comfort when he is being tempted or when his mind starts to think about using again. Also, he is very depressed at times. Pray that the Lord will lift the depression from him and that he would turn to prayer and seek the Lord when he is struggling.


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