Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well I had a very good trip and had no problems whatsoever. All of the equipment was functioning properly and I had no repairs to make. I like this trip the best because it takes me up through Parker along the River and the scenery is awesome.

I actually arrived back at the office yesterday at noon so I had some time to prepare for the meeting between the bargaining unit and management. The meeting actually went very well and everyone held their temper in check. We finally walked out with an agreement which was the goal of the meeting. We had been at an impasse for awhile now and this needed to get done. One thing that did happen during the meeting was that management admitted something that I think the bargaining unit wanted to hear and that was a good thing as far as I'm concerned as the union steward and in my mind that was the straw that broke tha camels back so to speak. After that happened the negotiations went smoothly. So after a 2 and a half hour meeting, we walked out happy for the most part. I think both sides compromised a little bit and that is what it took. I kind of enjoy the challenge of being the steward, but at times it can be a pain, because when there are problems going on, the steward is the one that hears about it. It has drawn me into the reality of what management goes through too. Well enough about work.

I did talk to my friend on a daily basis while I was on the road and I am very happy to report that he has NOT had a drink. He sounded great the times that I talked to him and his girlfriend said so far he has done okay. He has even been going to work. I am trying to get him to go to church with us on Sunday. I invited him, but don't want to be pushy. He seems open to the idea, but I'll leave it up to him and continue to be his friend.

Big night tonight for Shannon. It is Prom night. This is her first Prom and she has been preparing for it all week. She has a beautiful dress, had her nails done, and will be getting her hair done at 430 this afternoon. We will definitely take pictures when Zac comes to get her and I will post them on my blog. They are actually doubling up with another couple from school.

Tomorrow is training for my trip to Camp Barnabas. I look forward to that. And I love Sunday anyhow as I get to see folks that I haven't seen all week and I really love my Vineyard family.


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I am so happy to hear all these good news. You deserve to enjoy them.

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