Friday, March 31, 2006

I recently heard about this guy Todd Crandell. Look's like an awesome story. I can really relate to it because I started running and training for marathons when I quit. Can't wait to read the book. he will also be speaking in Tempe a week from tonight and is participating in the Arizona Ironman the following day.

"Racing for Recovery, From Addict to Ironman"

The highly anticipated book Racing for Recovery Addict to Ironman is now available. This inspirational and shocking literary piece was created by published author and Newsday New York and Runner’s World reporter John Hanc along with Todd Crandell The Founder and Executive Director of Racing for Recovery over a year and a half period starting in late spring of 2004.

Todd Crandell’s drug use and drinking destroyed his life. In his 20’s he had gone from being a promising hockey player on his way to a professional career to a homeless, starving and drug-addicted ghost of himself. After several brutal and harrowing encounters with rock-bottoms, he decided to quit cold-turkey; then he took up triathlons, and found that athletic effort helped him overcome his addictions. He now competes regularly in Ironman Triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile marathon run), works as a professional speaker and drug counselor, and runs a foundation (Racing for Recovery) helping others to use sports and other positive endeavors to prevent or escape addiction. A mesmerizing, inspirational story of self-destruction and resurrection.

About the author, John HancJohn Hanc is a writer specializing in active and outdoor sports, and fitness. A contributing writer for Long Island, New York-based Newsday, the country's ninth largest daily newspaper, Hanc is also a frequent contributor to Runner's World magazine.


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