Monday, March 20, 2006

Patty's Mom

Some of you may remember Patty's mom from the prayer chain not too long ago. She has cancer, not really sure what kind. She had been experiencing pain in her chest recently and at her last check-up on Friday she received some not so good news. It is a very fast growing cancer and it is now spreading rapidly. Patty and her sister Maureen have been in contact with the Dr. and have some decisions to make. Their mom, Dorothy West, is in Pennsylvania and lives by herself. Patty and her sister are here. The doctor said they are going to do a needle type procedure but they can't do radiation or chemo afterwards because her body cannot take it. The doctor told them that Dorothy only has 2 to 3 months left to live. They are waiting for a call from the oncologist right now and will talk about getting her set up for hospice. but she is fighting this and wants to die at home.

Here is what we need to pray for...
That Dorothy will find the Lord. She does not know the Lord at this time. Pray for a miracle. That the Lord will heal the cancer. Also, keep Patty and Maureen in prayer as they have some decisions to make at this time. One of them may need to fly back to PA to be with her. At this time we are just waiting on the call back from the oncologist for more details. Thanks for your prayers. Our Vineyard family is awesome and we love you guys.



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I will. Be strong.

God bless,

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