Thursday, March 16, 2006

Christianity is from the Devil!!!!!
by iggy

Monday June 20, 2005

I am currently talking to an 84 year old man who believes this…. Yet he is a believer in Christ. I was at first taken aback when he said, “Christianity is of the Devil.” You can’t be a Christian and follow Christ.

First I want to say is that I don’t agree…. Yet I had to pause for a thought…..

This is what he is saying….even if he does not fully understand this.

Many claim to be Christian…. I would say most people in America, though fewer and fewer would, if asked, say, “I am a Christian.” Then they would say, “I am basically good, I mean I haven’t killed anyone or anything.”

I often think to myself, “If God’s standard is that we don’t kill someone, then you are doing great, but what kind of standard is that?” I mean…. I am “good” if I don’t kill.Jesus said, “If you have anger in your heart against another person, you have committed murder in your heart.” !!!!!!!! (Rom 3:23, Matthew 5)

I have killed many on the freeway!

Yet, we do these things every day… kill, adultery, and on and on.

My 84-year-old friend was raised in a Christian home…. He went to church; he sang hymns he was baptized. Yet, he was taught to HATE “that Holy Roller Church” and it’s people.

Because they did not believe exactly as his parents and their church did.
(Mark 7)

He is a storyteller…. I don’t have space to share the stories. I will have to just say he is re-living his life and is writing a book about how God was reaching out to him and how he hardened his heart…. And surrendered to Satan.

He never missed church!
(Matthew 5:20)

I understand what he is really saying…. We can deceive ourselves and do all the time. We need Jesus, not religion, not just doctrine, but JESUS. Don’t get me wrong, we need to study doctrine and make sure we are on the right path. Yet, if our doctrine is keeping people out or the Kingdom, then maybe we need to recheck our doctrine…. We may be making them twice as fit for HELL as our self.
(Matthew 23:25)

Jesus never came to start a Religion!
He came to bring us the Kingdom of God!
(Matthew 5:20)

I agree…. I am sure He never intended His Body, the Church, to be a religion…. I believe if He is the Head…. And We are His Body…. WE were meant to be a living organism that would reach out to the world, as the Father did…. When He sent His SON.
(Romans 12)

Christianity as a Religion is as good and EVIL as any Religion…. So we must make sure that we practice True Religion…. To care for widows and orphans and Fatherless children.
(James 1)

Literally and metaphorically….
For without Jesus, we are ALL FATHERLESS CHILDREN!

Don’t let your religion get in the way of your faith in Christ… practice your faith and work out your great and wonderful salvation!



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