Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

Well? My mind is sort of spinning at the moment. We have left our past of attending a legalistic, authoritarian, very judgemental church that we attended for 10 years that left me sort of bitter and angry. But then we found another church that we attend now and have healed spiritually, emotionally and even physically. We have been ministered to and have made many new wonderful friends. I have had the pleasure to work alongside and be mentored by some very wonderful people at the Vineyard. I have never felt like I had to put on a happy Sunday morning face and pretend that life is just all hunky dory.

There is one guy though that has had a very positive effect on me, more so than he probably even knows. His name is Ben, or PrayingMantis in the blogosphere world. He is the Youth Pastor and I have had the priveledge to not only watch him minister to and love these kids, but to minister to and love me too.

Patty and i have a very strong heart for working with youth and have been allowed to do ministry in a variety of ways at the Vineyard. We had talked a little bit not too long ago about what we would do if Ben started planning to plant a church. Without hesitation, Patty just blurted out that we would go with him.

The way Ben does ministry is so along the lines that Patty and I think it should be. Christ loves everyone, regardless of how messy they are. If we don't show people the Kingdom of God by loving them and accepting them right where they are at, why would they want to come to church or hang out with us?

I saw what happens in a legalistic abusive church. It is very damaging to the members and really scares away the messy people. The messy folks are the ones that need to be loved the most.

The bottom line of this post is...Patty and I are very seriously praying about playing a major part in this church plant. Please read Ben's post about it on his blog. His blog is linked from mine. Bless you brotha Ben. You have no idea how much you have affected my walk with Christ. It started with "Blue Like Jazz" hehehehe! Love ya man!


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man I hope he leads.

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