Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back to the gym

Well I have really enjoyed the time off from running and my legs and body are fully recovered. It's been less than a full week too. So today i am heading back to the gym and will get back into a running and lifting routine instead of just concentrating on running.

I can honestly say to myself now that I will not be doing anymore full marathons. It just takes too much time training and preparing, and it takes way too much out of you. The half marathon distance is the perfect length. Long enough for a challenge, but doesn't require as much preparation, and definitely does not take as much out of you as the full marathon does.

Well we went to the hockey night I had planned. Nobody from church showed up, but I did go to the church just in case to make sure. So it ended up being myself, Patty, her sister Maureen and a friend of mine who lives on the west side now. And itwas a pretty good game, for San Diego anyhow. 28 seconds into the game the first fight started and it was right on our side of the rink. Gotta love minor league hockey my friends.

Tonight we are going to a friends 50th birthday party. There will be a lot of folks from our old church there and it will be nice to see those that we haven't seen in awhile. Our true friends from that church accept us, although some of the leadership has sort of disfellowshipped us since we left. But I extended a hand and was sort of rejected so I'm okay with that now. I did my part and that's that.

I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful blessed weekend. Ciao!


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