Monday, February 27, 2006

Stop judging me for a second
This isn't a beauty pageant
And even if it was you are nowhere near qualified enough
To pass on your shallow views of my inner soul

You checked out my mental legs and found them lacking
Because you don't like where my mind travels
It's the same for my ambition's arms
I reach for the sky but you want me to reach for your approval
Don't even get me started on my spiritual six pack
Ripped for Jesus; cut like the Reverend Usher if you will

My emotionless eyes were the biggest turnoff
I'm not looking for happiness
What I'm searching for can't be taught by society
And I'm talking both sides of the coin
Smart people want me to relate to their Heads
Lustful people want me to grab their Tails

I flipped my worldview and found a third side
One that tolerates the world
And struggles to put up with your genius
I shut off the part of my body
That wants to agree with the most attractive offer
Be it sexual or philosophical

I fell in love with the truth a long time ago
I just didn't realize it until I walked away

by Charles Bridgers IV


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