Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beyond These Walls

Beyond These Walls
by gord, the pastor of muppets

God calls to us:
“ Turn your eyes, ears, and hearts my people!
Look around you. See what I see,
Hear what I hear,
Feel what I feel.

I see the tears of the brokenhearted.
I hear the cry of the lonely.
I feel the pain of the love-starved child.

For too long you have masturbated in self-importance.
For too long you have distorted my church in the name of preservation.
For too long you have stifled your heart’s cry to feign maturity.


The fool hungers for satisfaction in complimentary words,
looks on himself and is aroused
and believes he has attained stature.
The fool fails to look beyond these walls.

Beyond these walls lies the torn flesh of the marginalized:
suffering and death without hope.
Within these walls lies the hope that will stand the test.

If it stays within these walls;

It cannot dry the tears of the broken-hearted,
It cannot comfort the lonely,
It cannot wrap arms around the child who knows not love.

The hope is My love for you in Christ.
Love that you have known here within these walls.
My love is sufficient for the world!
And I use you to bring this love to the lost.

Let it flow my people,
Beyond these walls.”


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