Sunday, March 19, 2006

A nice relaxing time

Well, Patty and I arrived back home safe and sound. I had forgotten how beautiful Sedona was. The scenery in that area is absolutely awesome. The red rocks are beautiful. We drove around the area a lot Saturday afternoon just sightseeing. It was really cold and windy up there Saturday. we wanted to go to the Chapel on the Rock but by the time we got there they had just closed. So we decided to find a place to eat and visit it in the morning after we checked out of the hotel. we found a really nice Chinese Food place and had a very good quiet dinner.

After checking out of the hotel this morning we headed up to the Chapel on the Rock. What a beauitful place it is too. We went inside and I just prayed and thanked God for His awesome creation. I prayed for Amadeo and asked the Lord to continue to lead us. i prayed for Patty's mom. We received word that the cancer has spread into her ribcage area now and that things are not looking too good right now. patty and her sister are going to talk to the doctor's tomorrow. Please keep her mom in your prayers. Also pray for Patty and her sister during this difficult time as they have some decisions to make. Their mom is in pennsylvania and they are both here in arizona.

I'll update more as I find out more info myself.


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