Sunday, April 02, 2006

I write this with a heavy heart. The guy I have been writing about this past week left the hospital last night at around 11:30 pm and the girlfriend allowed him back into the house. The entire situation is absolutely dysfunctional. He comes back, swears he'll never do it again, she allows him back into the house, and then the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again. I recommended to her that she not allow him back into the house until he has been sober at least 6 months and is trying to stay that way.

I know myself, from past experience, that he will not stay sober unless he WANTS to. I played the game a long time and knew exactly what to say to the head doctors what they wanted to hear, and I was good at it. Addicts always are. You lie, you cheat, you steal, you do anything just to stay high or drunk. You lose your family, your friends, your job, and in a lot of cases your life. Maybe my new messy friend has not hit his absolute rock bottom yet. I don't know. He's awfully close though.

I will continue to be his friend, and I will continue to encourage him, pray for him and offer any advice he may want. He has to accept that advice and go with it. He cannot ever take another drink if he is to beat this demon.

Lord, I ask that you speak to my friend right now this very moment. That you would allow him the will to stay away from that booze that makes him a totally different person. Everyone has filters in their lives. For addicts, it's their alcohol filter or their drug filter. For us, these filters are broken. They don't work and we can never drink or use again. I pray my friend will seek you and that You will heal his mind, heal his body, take charge of his life Lord. Continue to give me the words to say to him. Lord, to be quite honest with you, I was pissed this morning when I found out he left the hospital. Forgive me Lord. Allow me to bring Your kingdom to my new friend. Keep me from feeling frustrated with this situation Lord. Thank You for all you have done in my life Father. Use me to reach out to the hurting, especially to my friend, who needs Your presence right now.


Blogger The Commander said...

My heart is heavy at hearing this information. Since we talked this morning I have thought a lot about this and have been through a range of emotion. Anger, disbelief and sorrow.
I fully believe that the Lord has a plan for this man and this situation. I have no idea as to what they will look like but I'm looking forward to seeing it.
I also want to than the Lord for Keith and the example he is showing us by laying down his life for a friend in need. I hope Lord that you can teach us all to do the same.

The Commander

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