Monday, June 26, 2006

Meet Tyler

Tyler was a 15 year old with Downs Syndrome. He wore glasses and was a pretty good sized kid. He was fully potty trained and was one of our more entertaining campers. He reminded me of an adult I knew that had Downs Syndrome and attended a church my family attended when I was a boy. Tyler loved the Lord with all of his heart. He was loud when he talked. He always volunteered to pray and read the bible and he loved to preach. He also loved to sing. During open mike at mealtimes he sang "We are the Champions" and "I can't help falling in Love with You". He also loved WWE wrestling and had his own championship belt to prove it. We had some great times wrestling in the cabin but when it was time to stop, he did not want to. He was also a pretty strong kid. He would get mad if he did or said something that hurt or offended someone and would run away. You would have to run after him and tell him that Jesus would forgive him. he would tell you that he loves Jesus and would ask Jesus to forgive him. Then he would go around to everyone he offended to apologize and give them a great big Tyler hug. This kid was amazing and was an encouragement to our entire cabin. May the Lord use you Tyler as I see Him working in your life right now.


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