Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

I was driving to work earlier this afternoon and thought to myself that it seemed "unusually" hot. Well I got to work at 1 pm and the temperature was a nice warm 114 degrees. The high for the day ended up being 118. But then again, in parker it hit 119 degrees and Gila Bend came in at 120.

It amazes me how much extreme heat like this can just suck the life right out of you. People become on edge. I noticed it while I was driving on the 101 and 202 on my way to work. People drive crazier than they normally do, tempers flare. Police officers even say that crime goes way up during heatwaves. I sometimes wonder why they built this place, Phoenix Arizona, a thriving metropolis right in the middle of a desert. But people still move here. At this point Anarctica is looking pretty damn good to me at the moment. But I'll take anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, say Portland, or maybe Seattle.

We were bombarded with media calls regarding the record heat and phones were ringing off the hook. I was on a radar shift and noticed some storm development to the North. The stuff just exploded into some severe storms and pushed west. We warned on them and verified one warning. Some locations also receieved over an inch of rain in less than 30 minutes. Pretty amazing in the environment we were in with low dew points and the air being so dry. I knew the potential was there for strong gusty winds with these storms but I have to admit, the rainfall amounts surprised me. Oh well, it ain't an exact science ya know?

But I'm finally on my dinner break and things have quieted down for now. Until next time.....

Be Moved!


Blogger Deborah said...

Ahh, the Pacific Northwest. I love it! I lived in Seattle for ten years. That's where I started drinking coffee.

10:33 PM  

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