Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good times

I have so enjoyed having my family back home. Monday night my wife and I went out to her favorite place to eat for our anniversary. Red Lobster of course for those who know Patty well.

Today my daughter started her final year of High School. She is a Senior this year. I don't really know what she plans on doing yet and I don't think she does either. After returning from Northern Ireland she voiced interest in serving over there for a year. We'll see what happens with that. Keep her in prayer.

Tuesday we both had to work. That evening we were invited over to the Cloud's house for dinner with some other families that are going to Amadeo. Things are looking good for our start-up. In the near term we will be meeting at the Power Ranch clubhouse which seats about 75. There is a bigger building called the barn house or something like that that will seat 200 should we grow beyond 75. Ben spoke about an area at Recker and Pecos that Amadeo is looking at for a building of our own. He also said that we're good to go financially through the first year thanks to some generous donations, the main one coming from our parent church Vineyard Community of Gilbert, which donated a huge amount.

We will actually be meeting on Monday nights to start out with. Our first real service will be Sept 18th. Sept 11th will be the kick-off dinner for all that are going on this journey, which I believe is around 65 or so. I am excited to see what God has in store for His people.

Be Moved by Love!


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