Thursday, August 03, 2006


"That's one of our goals, to bring hope to the front of suffering, despair and all that stuff that heavy rock songs are usually about...I used to be an obnoxious atheist...When I was about 16, I planned on killing myself that day that everything changed for me. And there was a miraculous sequence of events that happened to me, and then I knew that there was a God. I didn't really know if it was Christianity or not, so I studied it for myself to find out what Christianity is all about. The pieces totally fit together with the miraculous experience I had. And then I understood that my faith tells me that I'm created for a reason and that there's a reason for me wakin' up every day, and it's not about myself. It's just about the fact that I have some sort of purpose, and hopefully my story will help other people."--Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf

This band kicks ass man. A hardcore band with a female lead singer. Patty and I are gonna see them on Aug 18th with Korn, The Deftones and Stone Sour. We saw them open up for P.O.D. and Staind awhile back.


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