Friday, July 28, 2006

Well the day went well at home while I was at work. The house was just how I left it when I left in the morning and the dogs really did not mind being in the cages at all. But man oh man did they want to play when I got home. I took the big one for a walk and then they just wore each other out the rest of the night wrestling with each other on the floor.

But the BEST thing that happened today was that Patty called. It was so nice to hear her voice and we actually chatted for about 20 minutes. I miss her. She is working at a dropin center in a small town in Northern ireland called Carnmoney. One of the team members for YFC broke their arm last night while playing football (soccer in Americanese). I guess they had kind of a hassle with getting her treated and all with insurance info and all that but eventually she was treated and is doing well now. Patty said she is having and absolutely wonderful time ministering to the Irish Youth and said she has been busy the whole time. They actually get a day off tomorrow.

That's it for now as I'm gonna go study for my lesson tomorrow. I get to teach the Youth during the Saturday service tomorrow plus I get to put in a full day at work beforehand.

Be Moved!


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