Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can't complain about my Saturday either. Although at work we had some disagreements over the forecast and the flash flood watch that we've had out since Thursday night and not one drop of rain. But the Lead Forecaster gets to make the call and I'm not him so I guess I'm okay with that. If that pesky little low over New Mexico would just drift a bit to the west like all of the models have suggested, it would have panned out. We ended up extending the Flash Flood Watch through tomorrow so we'll see what happens overnight. There is a lot of stuff to our North on the radar and it should drrift south over night. We'll see what happens.

Came home and played with the dogs. Another great day for them. I was pleased. Then I grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to the church since I was teaching Youth at the Saturday night service. I was in the main sanctuary for the praise and worship and it was just awesome. I was an in extra worshipful mood tonight and just praised him with all I had.

But...we only had 1 kid that showed up for Youth and that was Kirsten. So we read through the word a bit and discussed it and then we prayed and sat and chatted for a bit. Pray for her. She has been witnessing to a kid at school that doesn't like rules at churches. So she really wants nothing to do with church or God anymore. Just pray that God will use her to influence her friend and give her the words to say and all the love she can show her. Even thought it was just her and I, I thought it went very well. I have heard talk that they may drop the Saturday service and go back to 3 on Sunday. We'll see what happens. But beginning in September, I'll begin doing more with Amadeo as we are being released from any minitries at the Vineyard and will start tithing to Amadeo.

And I would be remiss if I did not say that our home church, Vineyard Community gave us a pretty substantial gift to get started in Amadeo. We are blessed to have them as our mother church. This is the absolute best church I have ever attended in my life. I can honestly say that. They are very missional and do the stuff. I am blessed to be a part of it and have been ministered to here beyond measure and also have been allowed to minister in the areas I am gifted at.

Be Moved by God! Be Loved by God!


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