Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Gospel:for here or to go? (Part 1 of 6)

The Gospel: for here or to go? (part 2 of 6)

Keith Giles is doing a series on The Gospel:for here or to go? I've only read part 1 and 2 so far but really enjoyed it. I really like the last two paragraphs at the end of part 2.

Here it is:
Without embracing the Great Commandment, we can never hope to accomplish the Great Commission. This is why Paul the Apostle tells us that, without love, all that we strive to do for the Kingdom is meaningless and empty. (1 Cor 13)

We have to love people because they are people that Jesus loves. We have to learn to love people unconditionally. To love others as He loved us. Until we get really, really good at this, all our efforts to evangelize and to make disciples will appear hollow and empty.


Blogger Keith Giles said...

Glad you're enjoying the series.

It's good to know others are thinking about this very important subject. I'm looking forward to feedback from others as the series continues at CMA and at Ginkworld.

BTW- you can read all six parts online over at the [SUBVERSIVE UNDERGROUND] newsletter

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Keith Giles

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