Sunday, October 15, 2006

Received this email this morning from a friend of ours............

We received an email from a family friend from CO-her son David is in Banner Thunderbird hospital-has been homeless,living in the park & an alcoholic..he collapsed(passed out) an an ambulance was called.His extra clothes were also, stolen/taken from the park.My husband Jeff is taking him clothes tonight at the hospital & offering a ride to Teen Challenges 13 month rehab program..please join us in prayers as God will be able to use this situation & that David will be willing to get help.Was raised in an RDL church & resistant to God.Jeff has not seen him since they were teens & is praying God will lead him in this endeavor.

God Bless & Have a GREAT day,
Patricia F.

Jeff and I are pretty close so I called them right after I read this email. He was actually at work but I did get to speak with Trish. Jeff is going to the hospital tonight when he gets off work to bring David some clothes, and bathroom items. I won't be able to go with him because I am stuck at work until 10pm. But I did tell Trish that I will help in any way I can. So I am going to call Jeff after I get off tonight and we'll figure out what to do from there. For now, pray for this guy David. I am told he is 39 years old, lost his family and kids due to his alcoholism and also lost his job. Sounds like he needs a miracle but God can heal us today.

Be Moved!


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