Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So I took Patty and her sister to the airport this morning. They are flying back to PA for their mother's funeral which is on Friday. Continue to pray for them, for safe travel and for the grieving process in the loss of their mother.

Amadeo was great last night. I loved the series that Ben started about families. I also finally found someone to interpret the letter that Jesus Guerrero, the child I sponsor, wrote to me. Then today I went out to the mailbox and there is another one from him. I wrote him one last night and mailed it today. I can't wait to go see him and the other kids at the orphanage.

Going to a hockey game tonight. I'm taking a friend of mine since obviously Patty and Maureen aren't here. Should be a good time. I invited one other friend, but he bailed out at the last minute. Which also concerns me. He is a guy I have been working with about his addiction problems and there are signs that he may be using again. I have noticed the past couple of weeks and his wife also told me of some concerns. I spoke with him today, and he denies using anything. I told him that he could lie to me, but that it will eventually catch up to him if he is and he knows this. So Father God, bless him and comfort him. Put a hedge of protection around him and keep the evil one from his mind.

Tomorrow I go to work and have to drive out to Gila Bend to a weather station we have there and fix a temperature sensor. So I get to be out of the office again, yipee! Then it's 3 straight evening shifts, Sunday off, and then I'm off to Kansas City Monday through Thursday for a short training course. I will also get to hang with my brother and his family Monday evening and also see my brothers band play.

Patty gets back Monday night and then Friday the 17th through Sunday the 19th we are going down to Casa de Elizabeth in Imuris Mexico to the orphanage there and I get to meet Jesus. Looking forward to it.

Be moved!


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