Monday, November 06, 2006

We are ALL sinners

The Haggard scandal has brought the media out again with the liberals bashing the evangelicals and then the evangelicals bashing the gays. Listen folks, we are ALL sinners saved by God's grace. Jim Wallis who maintains a blog I follow wrote an article about this. Below is an exerpt I especially liked. Here is a link to the entire article should you care to read it.

We are ALL sinners

In one of the most thoughtful comments on Haggard, Rich Cizik, Vice President for Governmental Affairs at the NAE, told the Associated Press: ‘‘There is something good, believe it or not, that could come out of this. My hope and prayer is that this whole tawdry affair will lessen some of the vitriol that has gone on between gay rights activists and evangelicals.’’

The NAE has already appointed an interim President, Leith Anderson, who has the moral authority to take them through this crisis and beyond. While some on the Religious Right are already attacking the NAE and using this scandal for more gay-bashing, it is important that cooler heads and warmer hearts prevail. The NAE should continue on the courageous and biblically-directed path on which they have now embarked—to broaden and deepen the evangelical agenda to include the issues of poverty, the environment, HIV/AIDS, human rights and religious liberty, human trafficking, Darfur, and war and peace.


Blogger Hannah said...

I just heard about this yesterday from my friend in CO. Thank you for posting about it, because I wanted more info on it. My first question to her was "Are they going to forgive him and let him continue his pastoral duties or restore him to full spiritual health and give them back to him later?" I'm glad I got a chance to read those letters. It's true... We are all sinners. To me, it just shows how much we are attacked when we get closer to God. And that pride always comes before a fall.

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