Monday, October 30, 2006

A very busy November coming up

Man oh man! November is going to be busy for us.

Nov 1-3rd I am doing the I-10 portion of my weather site inspections from Phoenix west to Palm Springs CA and points North and South of I-10.

Patty and her sister will be flying out to PA on the 7th for their mother's funeral and returning the 13th.

I leave on the 13th for a training course in Kansas City and will come back the 16th. This will be great though because my brother Carl and his family live there and I will get to visit with them too. I will also get to check out my brothers band.

So Patty and I won't even see each other from the 7th to the 16th. We will be at Sky Harbor the same day on the 13th but I leave in the morning and she comes back in the evening.

The 17th-19th we're going to the orphanage in Mexico with Hannah and others who are going.

In between all of the above and work, there are a few hockey games we'll be catching in Nov. and teaching Youth at Amadeo at church on Monday nights. And then you have Thanksgiving on top of that, and I have the priveledge of working an evening shift that night. Guess I'll arrive at work sleepy with a full stomach!

Be Moved!


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