Friday, December 29, 2006

Goodbye 2006 and bring on 2007

So 2006 was pretty good to the Kincaid family. The only exception was the passing of Patty's mother in October after a lengthy battle with cancer. But she is no longer in pain and is with the Lord now.

We have made many new friends at The Vineyard and have stepped out of our comfort zones and gone on the Amadeo Church plant. Patty and I, along with Mark and Susan, will serve the Youth in this plant. We are looking forward to it.

Patty saw a job change in 2006 that got her out of a very stress filled job environment she was in. She is much happier now where she is at. Shannon will be graduating high school in May of 2007. I continue my job as Cooperative Program Manager at the NWS office in Phoenix and enjoy the field work part of the job. Getting out and mingling with our cooperative observers and maintaining the equipment.

We have been meeting with Mark and Susan the past few weeks and praying for the Amadeo Youth and the community in and around Power Ranch. We will officially begin January 8th.

We are going to a cabin we rented up in The White Mountains to bring in the New Year and for some very needed R&R. There is snow up there and we are looking very forward to it. We leave tomorrow the 30th and come back on the 2nd. Even the dogs are going with us.

Some personal goals I have for 2007...
I want to mingle and get to know people. Get into relationships with them. Especially people that I do not know or would not normally mingle with. I want to step way out of my comfort zone and love people the way Jesus does. No judging, just love. I want to be an encouragement to each and every person I run into. Even those people that can get on my nerves. Negative people. If they approach me with negativity, I will try and encourage them with something positive. Life is so short man! Why be pissed off at the world all the time? I run into a lot of people like that. All they do is complain about this or complain about that. Do something about it instead of bitching about it the whole time.

Be moved by Love folks! Encourage someone. If someone pisses you off, tell them things will get better. Encourage them. Be their friend. Do something nice for them even if they are a stranger to you. That guy that is trying to get ahead of you on the roadway, slow down and let them in. Everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere. Life is sometimes too fast.

Slow down and listen to His voice. Know that He is God! I pray that you all have a blessed New Year and that you ring it in with the joy and love of Christ. Be Moved in 2007!

I love you all! This will be my last post until 2007. Happy New Year!


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Hello Sir Keith! Happy New Year to you and your family and to everyone in Amadeo!

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