Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We had a blast up in the White Mountains of Arizona. But most of all, they were really white, as in "snow" white. It was a very refreshing time and the dogs loved the snow. We also brought Meredith along and her and Shannon enjoyed themselves too. Patty and I just spent a lot of time relaxing and enjoying the crisp clean air. I finished the book I started by Chris Seay called The Gospel According to Tony Soprano. It was a very interesting read. He talked about each character in the show and used analogies with their characters and showed how they related with their families and their dedication to the mafia and their struggles with spirituality. It was actually very interesting.

So today I went to a retirement luncheon held for a co-worker at an Italian place down near Mill Ave and Broadway. A friend of mine, Ryan who used to work with me but moved to the Los Angeles Office flew in for the occasion. After the party we were driving down Mill Ave in Patty's Ford Escape, following our secretary who was driving the government vehicle. We were going to swing by the office so Ryan could see some of the folks that couldn't make it to the luncheon and then I was taking him to pick up a rental car. Anyhow, we were stopped in the 900 block of Mill Ave right behind the government vehicle at a stoplight. All I heard was tires squealing then a crash and then impact with my vehicle which then hit the government vehicle. 4 cars involved.

The guy that caused it all was driving a Nissan Altima and was alone. The vehicle he hit was a Mercedes SUV with a mother driving and 3 little kids in it, one an infant. Luckily all were unharmed. Their vehicle hit mine and I tapped the government vehicle. My vehicle and the government vehicle were not damaged badly and were able to drive away. The two other vehicles were towed and undriveable.

Right after it happened I jumped out and checked on the lady behind me who was worried about her kids. They were all okay and in car seats. The guy behind her was stunned as both of his airbags deployed. He kept trying to get out of his car and I told him maybe he should just stay put until help got there. He ended up being okay though.

My friend Ryan is a much younger guy than myself, 25 I think, and a Christian. He was a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at UCLA and even played varsity volleyball there. Some of you may have met him as he attended VCCG with me one time. We observed the guy that caused everything just sitting on the curb looking sort of dejected. Ryan suggested that as Christians we should go talk to the guy and we did. We asked how he was and just made sure he was okay. He was thankful that the little kids and nobody else was hurt.

Anyhow, bottom line to this story is we should all be like Ryan and show our Christian love to everybody. This guy was genuinely touched by our concern for him even though he was at fault for the accident. We were able to show him God's love in a real way.

Be Moved!


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