Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some great news and upcoming events

Patty and I were asked if we were interested in leading a team in Northern Ireland for a 3 week mission trip. So it looks like we will be doing it sometime during the Summer of 2008. The planning and preparation for it will begin right after the Summer of 2007. We are looking forward to it.

Some upcoming events for Amadeo Youth. March 3rd we will be going paintballing with the VCCG youth. I've never done it before so I guess I'll have to learn pretty fast. On April 21st-22nd we will go with Hannah down to the CDE orphanage for a weekend mission trip. I will finally get to meet the boy that I sponsor down there too. We will be taking a team of Amadeo Youth and their parents with us and I believe that Hannah said we would be doing a painting project. This orphanage is Hannah's passion. I am glad that we will get to help serve the kids that she serves on a regular basis.

I have some work trips scheduled coming up too. The week of March 19th through the 23rd I will fly to Salt Lake City for a week long conference. April 2nd through the 4th I will do the Interstate 10 portion of my routine semi-annual inspection which will take me as far West as Blythe California and as far North as Parker AZ along the Colorado River. I'll stay the first night in Parker and the second night in Blythe. Then on April 18th through the 20th I'll do the Interstate 8 portion which will take me as far West as Imperial and El Centro CA and down into Calexico right on the border of Mexico. I will stay in Yuma both nights. Then immediately after this trip I'll go down to the CDE orphanage for the mission trip with Hannah and Amadeo Youth.

Then there's Patty's birthday on the 17th of March and Shannon turns 18 on the 28th of March. Oh and also, don't forget the Chevelle concert on the 18th of March. We are also going to see Gaelic Storm with Ben and Mandy on March 24th.

We had a wonderful time this evening at Randy and Janet's house with all of the servant leaders and Amadeo staff. Just praying for one another and talking about areas of ministry. Awesome awesome time.

Amadeo is definitely being moved by God's love.

Be moved!


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