Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tattoo t-shirt followup

Remember a few posts back when I talked about the heavily tattooed guy behind the counter at the convenience store I frequent? Well today on my way home from work I dropped in and gave him the shirt.

Patty and I have been searching and searching for the exact same shirt and came up empty. I found a lot of shirts online that said "Jesus Loves Me & My Tattoos" on them, but the design was not like the one I have. So I ended up giving him mine. He was very appreciative and shook my hand and thanked me. He also kept offering me money for it but I would not take it. His name is Mike. Pray for him as I continue to build a friendship with him. My next step will be to maybe take him to lunch or something. He is really a cool guy.

I had the pleasure of going to lunch with Ben today. I never realized that his office was so close to mine. We definitely have to do it no less than once a month. It was awesome just to talk to each other and enjoy fellowship and lunch together.

Make sure you love on your valentine today and everyday. Be moved!


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