Sunday, February 11, 2007

So we went to the show last night. Fantastic concert man! A band called The Attitude opened the show with a high energy 30 minute set. They closed their set with Billy Idol's Rebel Yell. The crowd was now officially warmed up.

If you've never been to the Marquee Theater before, it's a great place to see a live band. There are no seats. Just a cement floor that slopes up gradually from the stage to the rear of the venue. It holds about 1000 people. The stage is high enough for everyone to see the band and the sound system is clear. Last's nights show was about half full so it was even more intimate.

After the opening band played, the band Red came out. We saw them at the Ragefest and they were even better on this evening. They hail from Nashville Tennessee and entertained Tempe with their brand of melodic hardcore music.

After Red left the stage, Patty, myself and Meredith B. went straight to the front. Just to the right of center stage. We just stood and held out spots until the houselights went down and Lacey Mosley and Flyleaf took the stage and opened with Sorrow. They then proceeded to play their entire CD and then some. They did a couple of songs I was not familiar with, so I don't know if they were new or really old. But we got our money's worth. The crowd was rowdy but not too bad. I thought we were going to have to move away from the front because sometimes it gets a little too crazy down near the stage. There was some pushing and jumping up and down but no hardcore moshing or anything so we were able to watch the show instead of worrying what was going on around us. It was a tad warm at the venue last night though. I was drenched in sweat by the time the night was over.

Took my sweetie out to Black Angus for our Valentines dinner after church today. It was scrumptious. Robert spoke at Amadeo this morning from the Book of Jude. Very good sermon. Tomorrow night, Mark and Susan B. and Patty and myself are going to lead the Amadeo youth in serving a special Valentines Dinner to the couples of Amadeo. This will be a special time.

Until next time...Be Moved by God's Love!


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