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“But when religion teaches us that God loves the wounded soul, the chastised soul that has learned something of its own fallibility and its own limitations, when religion teaches us that being human is such a complicated challenge that all of us will make mistakes in the process of learning how to do it right, then we can come to see our mistakes not as emblems of our unworthiness but as experiences we can learn from. We will be brave enough to try something new without being afraid of getting it wrong. Our sense of shame will be the result of our humility, our learning our limits, rather than our wanting to hide from scrutiny because we have done badly.”

Kushner, Harold S. How Good Do We Have to Be - A New Understanding of Guilt and Forgiveness, Little, Brown and Company Boston, MA Ó Copyright 1996 by Harold S. Kushner, p. 39


Blogger The Commander said...

That is a great quote!

It made me start thinging... If we toss out religion and replace it with relationship, things begin to make more sense... at least to me... here is why.

As a father, I have to provide teaching, correction and sometimes punishment to my son, but I do it because I love him and I want to do what is best for him. My son accepts my teaching, correction and punishment, not because he enjoys it but because he KNOWS how much I really love him. People see my interactions with my son and some my be able to see the love between us and others may not, which may cause them to form an opinion about the way he and I interact. Much the same way that others may not be able to see how much God loves us and why we face the things we do.

We like children have much to learn and our Father loves us enough to allow us fall flat in order that we my grow... He is also the one who is right there to lift us up and to set us moving forward again.

I think that sometimes we fail to look at each other as beloved of the Father, created in His image and likeness, destined to the good works that He has prepared beforehand. If we did that, we would be able to look into each others lives like a brother looks at his sister while dad is teaching her to ride her new bike... we don't watch, hoping she will fall... we stand by cheering her on... when she falls, we cheer... get up, try again... you got it... thats it... ride....

The Commander

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