Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So we kicked off the Amadeo Drop In Center last night. We had a good group of Amadeo folks. Myself, Mark, Susan and Meredith B., Bill and Jared S., Marc and Andy C., Mac, Paige and her friend Kat. We chatted a bit with some kids in the park and invited them over for hot dogs and snacks but nobody came over. A few of us played volleyball. Jared, Marc and Mac played some basketball and one guy came over and played with them. It was our first night so I think it went okay. I do believe that as the days get a bit longer, and it is light outside later, that they will come.

After we ate and played for an hour we went into the clubhouse and Mark B. gave a short lesson of how God speaks to us through His word. He has such a way of teaching that gets through to the kids. We also planned an event the Monday before Valentines Day. Instead of having the Drop In Center that night, the Youth are going to serve their parents dinner in the clubhouse. Mark and Susan said they had done this before and I thought it was an awesome idea.

Today I went and picked up Patty's truck. It is finally done. We sure enjoyed driving that Highlander though. But it is nice having the Escape back because Shannon can drive that. She couldn't drive the rental vehicle because she is not 18 yet, so it was kind of a hassle when she had to work. Pray that we find a good affordable 3rd vehicle. Patty is kind of bumming about it right now.

I'm going to the Roadrunners game tonight. Steve B. is going with me. In his words, "It's gonna be tight!" I'm looking forward to it.

Be blessed!


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