Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank You Amadeo Youth

Just got back home after a wonderful evening with Amadeo folks. Mark and Susan B. came up with a great idea of the youth providing a candlelit dinner to their parents and we also included all couples.

The youth decorated the room, served the food, babysat the little ones and helped cleanup afterwards. I do believe the event was a success and it seemed that everyone had a great time. We gave door prizes out to the couple who was married the least amount of time (a year and a half) and the longest (36 years).

A super big thank you to Susan B. for all of the extra hard work she put into this and to Mark B. who was already there when I got there and did a lot of the setting up.

Patty and Susan B. directed the servers. Youth who helped serve the food were Marc, Andy, Mac, Sharaya and Cameron.

Keith and Mark B. directed the babysitting. What an experience man! heh heh...There were over 25 kids (most toddlers). I have a newfound respect for teachers or daycare workers that work with large groups of young toddlers. Youth who helped babysit were Shannon, Meredith, Jaret, Madison, Robbie and Stephen.

If I forgot someone I apologize. Also thank you to Mandy for picking up the pizza for the kids. I was blessed tonight and I am sure many others were too.

Be Moved!


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